Watershed Block Raising at Origin Brewer

Under Construction

Volunteers and friends of Origin Brewer, a new nano-brewery in Richmond, California, were led by Contractor Chris Polk and the talented crew of Watershed Materials (Dan, Edward, Gabriel, Khyber, Taj, and David Easton) on October 23rd, 24th & 25th for the raising of the Watershed block walls. The ATA designed brewery was engineered by Anthony Dente of KDSE to minimize the use of portland cement based concrete by utilizing horizontal ladder trusses, so not all of the cores need to be grouted. Watershed Block features around 5% cement content vs. over 10% in typical concrete block.


The brewery will feature salvaged corrugated metal roofing, translucent panels for daylight that are hinged for ventilation, and sliding door and window panels of reclaimed lumber.  Rainwater will be captured for use in quickly cooling the fermentation tanks, which is typically done with fresh water. Origin Brewer's IPA and other fine beers have been served at recent ATA / KDSE Olive Parties, and we look forward to Michelle's finely crafted handiwork from the new brewery, due to be up and running in early 2016.

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