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Portal San Miguel Yoga Center

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Portal San Miguel is conceived as a non-denominational sanctuary dedicated to providing its guests with a transformational experience in an extraordinary setting. Situated on 4,000 acres in the remote mountains of Southern Baja California (Mexico), the facilities at Portal San Miguel will reflect the rich natural environment, drawing inspiration from Nature, while expanding on local building traditions and passive solar principles.

Soaring translucent roofs cover the most public facilities—the yoga pavilion and dining hall—while vined trellises and palapas (palm frond thatch) protect support facilities. Walls are created of earth-coated straw-bales, native rock and stone, and chiname (woven stick screen). Fresh and recycled water systems bring comfort and delight throughout the site.

An extensive trail system provides easy access to breathtaking overlooks, dipping pools, magical gardens and awe-inspiring natural meditation groves.

The core program of Portal San Miguel will incorporate teachings and practices from spiritual and wisdom traditions from around the world; with massage and other support services. Portal San Miguel is being built upon the principles of service, respect and integrity, which will be reflected in all aspects of its development and operation.

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Awards and Publications

East Bay AIA "Out of the Box" Honor Award, 2003

Design Team

Project Manager: David Arkin